• Datum: 09.11.2011 Vložil: Thomas Hartmann

    Titulek: Thanks

    Dear Lucie,

    Just wanted to thank you very much for a great birthday party on Saturday!

    This was our first time organising such an event for our daughter and
    we were honestly not quite sure how to manage and what to expect but I
    think the place is very nice for such a party and you did a great job
    in making it a good event for the kids and for us.

    I know Barbara liked it and as one of the mums said when I met at the
    preschool in the morning - my child was very thrilled about the party
    and was talking about it all day - I think that is a very good
    indicator of the success of the event

    Wish you all the best and maybe see you some other time.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Hartmann

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